This decorative accent lamp is fabricated from cold rolled steel rod and bar both hand-bent, welded, and braised. It is designed to either sit on the floor against a wall or hang from its central rib. The overall form is bow-like and the Halogen light streams from a banded housing suspended on low voltage cables. The cables are insulated from the steel structure by re-purposed construction materials.


Cold Rolled Steel and cable

Coiled Basket

This coiled basket is reminiscent of Native American Arts with its simple form and natural materials. A simple symmetrical design is offset by the introduction of feathers.

Wool Yarn on Cotton core with feathers

Butterfly Perch

Designed and constructed with Scott McMurray and Jill Alexis Phillips, this Conceptual Perch includes a viewing platform, perch, and obscuring wings. When the viewer steps onto the platform, it lowers and  the wings unfold and the perch rises.

Oak, Steel, Fine netting

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